Vintage Automotive

We Love Classics!

Our passion for cars, especially classics, underpins our pride in our Vintage Automotive products. We manufacture a whole range of classic car components as well as providing a one-off specialist manufacturing service. 


Given our existing research and experience within this field, we would be more than happy to look into manufacturing Spin-On systems for other classic cars and vehicles. Please contact us if you have a suggestion!

Spin-On Oil Filter Conversion Kit

Older vehicles were normally fitted with separate canister and filter units. This tends to restrict performance and can lead to messy spillages during oil filter replacement.

Our designs replace all of the original parts with adaptors and provide a contemporary ‘spin on’ self containing delivery canister filters.

Included is a non-return valve to prevent the oil draining whilst the engine is stationary. This provides increased protection to an engine during a ‘cold start’.

Our range of Conversion Kits are compatible with a wide range of vintage Jaguars and Rolls Royce/Bentleys. We are proud suppliers to SNG Barratt, Flying Spares and IntroCar.

Classic Car Parts UK

Our CAD model showing a typical Spin-On Oil Filter Kit assembly.

High Delivery Oil Pump

For vintage cars still in use for racing or hill climbs, we create bespoke high performance oil pumps. These normally have at least twice the output of the original product.

These items are made to order, on a one of basis built around the customers specific requirement.