Fighting Robots

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From building components for some of the most successful robots to manufacturing entire builds in-house, we have played our part in the fighting robot community. We have competed around the world with our robots to great successes.

Meeting Exacting Standards

With tight rules and regulations to ensure safety and fair compeition, precision manfacturing to tight tolerances is an absolutely crucial. This creates the unique challenge of a component or assembly requiring the maxiumum strength and durability whilst being as light as possible. As a result, we are experts in weight relief.

Piston For Neumatic Cylinder

Apocalypse and Team at Robot Wars, 2016. Built in-house at Grange Square

DB12 - Featherweight Fighting Robot


A huge variety of materials are used in the manufacturing of fighting robots. We often work with armour plate, Hardox or Armox as well as titanium, steel and aerospace grade aluminium.