In-house capacity

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Our Services

We are experts in small batch manufacture and prototyping. Consequently, we pride ourselves in taking time to truly understand the exacting job requirements. Furthermore, we offer design support services where required, using the latest, fully integrated CAD system. Based in Birmingham, UK.

Machinery and Capabilities

Our wide range of CNC and manual machinery (listed below), combined with a huge selection of bespoke tooling built up over 45 years of operation means that there is very little that we cannot perfect.

As a result, we have expertise in CNC turning, milling and fabrication through to electronics, pneumatics and hydraulics.

Materials and Variety

Whether it be Titanium, Hardox and Stainless Steel or PEEK, plastics or even wood, we have experience working with a extensive range of materials.

From design and manufacture of optics measurement and guitars to mince pie machinery and fighting robots. Variety keeps things very interesting!