Django Unchained

- Sound Design

A non-commercial sound design task to develop my skills and expand my portfolio.


In this piece, I redesigned, recreated and re-imagined the sound to one of my favourite films. I decided to change certain things sonically to put a different spin or provide a different impression to the audience. However, some sections were closely recreating the original as they were perfect first time round.



All sounds heard other than actual gun shots are my own work. This is due to limited access to both vintage weaponry and the equipment to faithfully capture them.


Software used: Logic Pro X



- Jo Powell

"A short experimental sound piece about the anxieties we have in everyday life that can come out in our dreams"


This video demonstrates a range of samples and production to create an eerie and atmospheric sound track, provoking emotions to compliment the visuals.


Designed and mixed with Logic Pro 9.

Weathertop, Lord Of The Rings

- Sound Design

As part of a University module, I was tasked with a complete redesign of all the sound and audio contained within this movie clip.


I was provided with just the visuals and following analysis, research and planning, I was able to competently recreate a thrilling soundtrack (hopefully!).



Software used: Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro

The Killer

- Sound Design

Another non-commercial, portfolio-expanding task.


The sound design for this trailer was primarily based around composition, combining both Eastern and Western influences. However, where non-musical sounds were concerned, it was critical to ensure that they stood out and created a sonic impact upon the listener.


Software used: Pro Tools 10

- Web design by Miles Page

As a side project, I have worked closely with Grange Square over the past 5 years to continually develop and expand their website. Whilst web development skills were required, I found myself behind a camera capturing images and footage for the site as well as editing photos and designing official logos and icons for the company.



Software used: Adobe Muse, Adobe Photoshop CS5, Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, AutoCAD Inventor.

The Big Issue Night Run

- Commbus

The Big Issue Night Run was a charity based event taking place at Leadenhall Market, London.


I worked in a team of two to provide PA, lighting, event support and even a stage, all rigged from the top of a Land Rover Defender!


This was one of the many unexpected and highly excited events I was given the privilege to be a part of with Commbus.

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