Whilst not entirely a representation of my work, to all the geeks viewing this website, the following may be of interest.


I've been collecting and using audio equipment for a quite a few years to build a 'project' studio called The Briar. There's a wide range of gear in there from clean and very beautiful (and painfully expensive!) microphones to great sounding old, cheap gear exploring the 'low-end theory'.

Computer, Sound cards and essentials:


- 15" Macbook Pro 2.8 GHz i7, 16 GB RAM.

- Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 (28 i/o)

- Focusrite ISA One preamp with A/D card

- KRK VXT 6 monitors

- KRK Rokit 5 monitors

- A selection of plugins from multiple manufactures including Camel Audio's Alchemy and Celemony Melodyne.





- SE4400a

- AKG Perception 420

- Shure SM58 x2

- Homemade subkick

- SE Reflection filter

- A selection of dynamic instrument microphones

- A selection of weird, old and rather 'lo-fi' microphones.


External & Outboard Gear:


- Yamaha GC2020 Stereo Comp/Limiter

- Soundcraft Spirit 16 Analogue Console w/Lexicon effects unit

- Alesis stereo EQ



Synths, Keys & MIDI:


- Novation Mininova

- Novation Xio

- Novation Launchpad S

- M-Audio Oxygen 49

- Novation Nocturn Controller




- Fender Stratocaster (Heavily modified to feature beautiful sounding handwound pickups amongst other things)

- Epiphone SG

- Handbuilt Telecaster (Again, with lovely handwound pickups installed)

- PRS Custom 24 SE

- Yamaha CPX700 Electro-Acoustic Guitar

- Overwater fretless bass

- A selection of manufacturered and handmade pedals including EHX Pog, Vox Wah, Tubescreamer and Octave Fuzz clones




- 6 Piece Pearl Kit

- Mapex Black Panther snare

- Selection of Paiste/Stagg cymbals

- Roland TD11 V-Drum set w/ MIDI i/o


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