I first began playing guitar approximately 10 years ago. I began playing a range of rock and blues, falling in love with Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Since then I have gone on to compose and perform with a range of bands/musicians playing a massive range of genres. I also play drums and sing as well as dabbling in synths and keys.

Below are some examples of my work as musician.


For session work, lessons and enquiries, please get in touch!

Budapest - George Ezra (Cover)

- Performed by Miles Page

Rattle That Lock - David Gilmour (Cover)

- Performed by Miles Page

The Lonely Chocolate Lovers

- Performed by Shepherds and Synths

Yer Blues/I've Got A Feeling - The Beatles (Cover)

- Performed by the Regal Red Liquid Project

The Man At The Station (John Martyn cover)

-Performed by Miles Page

Babylon (David Gray cover)

-Performed by Miles Page, Vocals by Stuart Starkey

Miss Wendy & Me

- Performed by APX Music, Guitars by Miles Page

Metropolis Meltdown

- Performed by APX Music, Guitars by Miles Page

Ignition (Live) (R Kelly cover)

- Performed by Double Drop Dave & the Flatcaps, Guitars by Miles Page

Towers (Bon Iver cover)

 - Performed by Various Musicians from Birmingham Conservatoire, Guitars and synths by Miles Page


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