My name is Miles. I am an active producer, composer, mix/mastering engineer, multi-instrumentalist and most important of all, an audio enthusiast!


Welcome to this little website detailing who I am and displaying some of my work.

Miles Page Audio Engineer + Producer + Sound Designer / Composer + Musician

     "I've worked with Miles on a variety of projects, and have always been impressed with how much care he takes over the music. He has always involved me with his plans post the recording, and adds his own character to the music that ultimately has left me very happy with the results. A lovely guy, with a vast understanding and I wouldn't look any further! "   -    Jacky Naylor


       "Miles is a pro through and through.

He not only provides a quality product in the both the mix/tracking; he’s also there to provide an opinion and direction if you need it, which is invaluable in the vacuum of the studio"    -    Thom Parry

       "He's a lovely boy"   -    Mum

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