How does one write an 'about me' without sounding naive, pompous or arrogant?

...well, I'm not entirely too sure you can. But I shall do my best!


My name is Miles. At the age of 10 I discovered a liking for some rather 'questionable' pop music (no artist names mentioned...) which led me to learning and playing the guitar. I have been in love with music and sound ever since.


I've composed and performed with a number of bands throughout the years, ranging from jazz, blues and singer-songwriting, through rock and punk to ska. The latter involved myself and my band (at the time) APX working with renowned producer Austen Kilburn (Ocean Colour Scene, UB40) on the Tea Room Sessions EP which was an enlightening and exciting project.


For a while I taught both six-string and bass guitar, not only aiding my own understanding of the instrument but also my ability to work with others on a personal, musical and technical level.


Whilst I loved playing my guitar, there was always the 'next best' toy or gadget on my mind. This was normally in the shape of basic 4-track recorders or a magical guitar pedal creating weird and wonderful sounds. This developed my interest and love for music technology as I began exploring, creating and recording audio.

Where am I now...?

Since then I have earned a First Class Honours degree in BSc Music Technology and developed a prolific portfolio of work demonstrating abilities such as engineering, composition and production . This included working with electro pop/rock bands for commercial release, recording concerts/live performances in 5.1 surround sound and intimate singer/songwriters. It also meant many hours of sitting in a dark room on my laptop warping, looping and mixing together weird samples with guitar riffs and live instruments.


Whilst all this was going on, I also developed an interest in the way the world worked and developed, primarily in the area of technology. This led to my learning a plethora of other 'non-audio' software such as Adobe Photoshop, Final Cut Pro and Adobe Muse (used to design this site and others!).


At the same time, I am actively playing and involved in a number of musical projects as well as composing and recording for my solo project, Miles Page Music.


Overall, I have played a part in many successful musical projects and many genres, whether it be editing, mixing or mastering or on a more creative level, production and composition.



Please head over to my portfolio and have a listen to my work!

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